Know how

From smalls to bigs works, from foundations to finishes, in the new as in the old.

Whether you are a private individual, a company or a community, there is only one contact person to accompany you throughout your project.

A point of honor is the quality of the achievements, the respect of the deadlines and the costs.

The traditional architectural style is of course privileged, while adapting the new regulations and the technological evolutions of materials.

You also have the possibility to assign to ReCreAte the management of the site: with partner companies chosen for their competence and seriousness, we can carry out a complete project: plans, building permit, soil and concrete studies, structural work, second work, joinery, electricity, plumbing, painting, ... and even landscaping.

Skills domains

Structural work
  • Demolitions

  • Foundations

  • Concrete scrap

  • Concretes

  • Floor slabs

  • Elevations in blocks or bricks

  • Opening creation or modification (all lenghts, all building materials)

  • Enlargement

  • Garage conversion

  • Stairs

  • Traditional carpentry

  • Cover

  • Wall rectify sandblasting

  • Stone masonry

Second work
  •  Wall partitions and dubbing wall

  • Ceiling

  • Insulation of floors, walls, ceilings

  • Blown insulation

  • External insulation

  • Floor tiles and faïence

  • Hardwood and floating floor

  • ...

Interior fittings
  • WC
  • Bathroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen room
External & Ancillary works
  • Garage

  • Shelter

  • Pool-house

  • Swimming pool

  • Fence

  • Pillars of entry and laying of gate

  • Terrace

  • Paving

  • Concrete deactivated

  • Ornamental wall

  • Roof and facade

  • Cleaning

  • Installation of micro wastewater treatment plant

  • ...


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